Incubating an Idea

Rich Winley had a vision: to enhance the rideshare experience with today’s technology. Together, we turned his vision into reality.
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Campaign roll out
Product testing
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The Story

Rich came to us with an idea for a mobile advertising platform: rideshare drivers can display hyper-local content through tablets to give passengers a heads up on what was happening in that city. To pitch to investors and partners the platform needed a great name and supporting branding.

Cultivating the Brand

We created and tested a long list of possibilities noting immediate impressions and reactions of testers. Scoring the names on factors such as punchiness, playfulness, friendliness, charisma, pronunciation, and memorability, we discovered the name: Gnomad. Inspired by stories of mischievous traveling gnomes sending photos back to their owners, and combined with ad(vertising), the name perfectly suited the product.

Selecting the right visuals to enhance the characteristics of the name is essential. Gnomad is a brand new word, so we needed to make it the main part of the brand. The font, Brandon Grotesque, was selected for its strength, approachability, and cheekiness. We customized the individual letterforms to make it truly unique — something that Gnomad could “own”.

Because humans are visual learners, we added a simple but distinctive supporting element, the pointed hat, to tie the name and meaning together. The hat is slightly bent to show some humility and to keep the brand approachable.

Product Testing

We chose Austin’s famous SXSW festival to launch Gnomad to more than 100,000 tech savvy consumers and advertisers. We tested the platform with ridesharing drivers and pedestrians, recording results from trackable hashtagged advertisements and personal interactions. After two days of testing, the data proved that we needed to pivot the platform to focus more on direct personal interaction.

Platform Beta Launch at SXSW 2015

Adapting The Product

The product has grown considerably since the project first started. The original idea was fairly self-contained and directed solely at letting individuals put a tablet on their back and earn some money as they travel to work or around the city. Our idea sessions, user testing, and iterations have shown that the potential is much greater when utilized in rideshare vehicles. So, the end result is invigorating, interesting, and still growing. We got the product to the first phase (working in rideshare cars) and that led us to the next phase which is building and growing.

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