A simple, powerful event planning app

We distilled event planning to it’s core and solved common frustrations for hosts and guests of any event.
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The Story

Planning an event should be exciting and fun but who has time for that these days? When we think of planning anything we think of timing, location, people, invites …and communication methods — that’s a lot to consider and you haven’t even started the formal process. This cognitive overload is what Trey and Shelley, the founders of Hoopla, wanted to solve. How can we make the process fun again?

Simplify. By breaking the event planning experience down to it’s very basics, and building it up piece by piece. We focused on the features that planners and guests want and removed everything they didn’t. We wrapped that in an interface that puts communication between guests and the host at the forefront, so everyone involved stays in touch. No email, no SMS, no social media to keep track of.

Hoopla is a fun and easy way to create, host, and re-live events.
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