Developing a Culture of Growing Together

Katz became our coffee provider in 2013. As our relationship grew, so did our mutual respect for each other’s craft.
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The Story

Back in 2012, we coined our unofficial tagline: “we don’t make excuses, we make more coffee.” Problem was, with the amount of caffeine we guzzled down, none of it was quality. Then Katz Coffee, our saving grace, entered our lives.

We became fast friends with the Founder & CEO, Avi Katz, and began learning about their culture, products, and business. We shared quite a few similarities: customer-first approach, laid back attitude, the drive to deliver quantity without sacrificing quality, and the passion to continuously learn and innovate.  Katz produces large batch quantities for corporate chains, but also roasts custom blends for local restaurants and coffee shops. One evening over drinks, Avi mentioned that Katz Coffee has found themselves in an interesting position. They've grown considerably throughout the years, and are having an identity crisis.They're wedged between being 2nd wave roasters (like Starbucks) and 3rd wave roasters (small local coffee roaster). Avi has worked hard to grow Katz Coffee into the one of the largest local distributors. However, his growth became a double edged sword. How do you appeal to both Kolache Factory and the small coffee shop down the street?

We sought to build an experience that channeled their passion and promoted brand awareness through exporting their culture of respect and education.

Building a Brand

After many conversations over countless cups of coffee, we understood that Katz combines good people and good process to create a delicious, globally conscious product. They'll do (almost) anything to ensure speedy delivery to maintain customer relationships, and will get involved in supporting local initiatives. Their coffees are direct trade, the highest quality, and they value the relationships they develop with farmers, plantation owners, and suppliers.  From their involvement with the farmer, to the customer, to the community, Katz’s culture revolves around building relationships. This led us to develop the campaign around the central tagline "Grow Together." Their product is great and their culture is contagious, but it needed more. We needed a vehicle to capture new customers that resonated with their culture.

Grow Together.

We pitched the idea of a full framed video that users will see when they reach the home page. The video is living proof of the brand strategy. The idea was high quality, but not showy; straightforward, but not simple. It shows customers that Katz is about building relationships over coffee. Without it, you’re simply telling them. And talk is cheap.

“Just make it badass”

As fast as Katz Coffee has grown over the last 10 years, only 1% of their overall sales came from their website; their archaic, friction-filled, non-responsive website. We knew we had an opportunity to do something different, and build a robust shopping experience that blew users away. We thought up grand ideas of injecting their culture throughout the experience while acting as a catalyst for education. We had one requirement from Avi: “Just make it badass”.
Nestled within the shopping experience, we used bright colors to identify different flavors. We used detailed coffee pages as an opportunity for customers to make more educated purchasing decisions.

Relaxed verbiage, quirky photos, and Avi-isms galore can be found throughout the site. We wanted the public to see the personality and culture that the Poetic team has come to know and love.

A Message to the Masses

The site’s launch was timed alongside Katz’s annual Porter Party, partnering with Real Ale Brewing Company. In true Katz fashion, they hosted a free block party with all you can drink Katz Coffee and Real Ale Coffee Porter. There was a silent auction benefiting the Houston Fire Department, and they invited local bands to perform. They graciously welcomed the entire Poetic team for the celebration; we had a blast.

"Poetic's innovative team worked closely with us to identify our own uniqueness and then created a branding initiative around both of our ideas.  They listened to our needs, our desires and our concerns and presented new concepts and solutions.  They took the time to get to know us and the final product tells our story, we are thrilled with our new site!"

Incubating an idea.
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