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To build the right product, you must focus on user-centered design and writing sound business logic. We streamlined our process to remove everything else.

Who we are

We are a passionate team of do-ers and disruptors dissatisfied with the way things have always been done.

Our constant experimentation and desire to change the industry keep us innovating and moving quickly, allowing us to build complex products and scale.

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The current process is bloated and broken

The designer to developer hand-off is time consuming and full of friction. Front-end developers spend weeks re-creating design assets in HTML/CSS, introducing trivial bugs along the way. QA drags on and on and the final product differs from the approved design.

Many have attempted to solve this problem with CSS frameworks and base templates. This is only a half solution and frustrates both designers and front-end developers.

We've built a better way

Over the last 9 years we’ve developed tools and processes to change the way apps and websites are built. Working to improve accuracy, efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary steps in the product lifecycle, we’re able to deliver more value in less time.

We built Stanza, a tool that rapidly converts markup into React components and accelerates the app development process. Stanza allows our designers to focus on strategy and the right design solutions while our developers spend their time writing the business logic.

Design & Development Process

Strategy & Design
Front-end Development
Back-end Development

Poetic Process

Strategy & Design
Back-end Development

Design & Development Process

Clients are presented with too many variables when looking at static mock-ups to accurately understand the final product
Design is disconnected from the development process
Developers are spending too much time recreating a static mockup
QA inevitably takes hours beyond the original estimate

Poetic Process

Clients can see a working, responsive prototype before it reaches a developer
Designers are involved from start to finish to make sure the final product is as accurate as possible
Developers are able to spend their time focusing on business logic and improving processes
Reduced QA time allows for projects to be done on time and on budget

Tech Powers a Powerful Process

1. Design in the browser

Designing in the browser with Webflow significantly cuts down on QA time and ensures accuracy of the final product. Clients can preview and give feedback on fully responsive layouts throughout the design and iteration process.

2. Convert to front-end application

Once approved, the layout (HTML/CSS & JavaScript) is exported from Webflow and run through Stanza. With the design automatically converted to HTML/CSS and componentized into screens, the happy-path app is built and we are ready to add in the business logic.

3. Add business logic

Meteor has become our platform of choice for building apps due to its isomorphic codebase, offline first architecture and integration with NPM packages. Our developers can leverage these features and more to focus on adding business logic instead of spending time converting layouts.

Working with Poetic

Our experienced project managers guide the project through each phase, fostering collaboration and ensuring open communication every step of the way.

Our Work

Our design and development teams are ready to push the limits and we back our products with a process that focuses on efficiency and effectiveness via strategy, planning, and clear communication.

Blendata is an app that aggregates voter data across multiple channels for political campaigns. Super admins can access the dashboard with a high level view to monitor campaigns, revenue, and frequency by channel, among other data points.

Dress For Success is a world-wide non-profit that empowers women to achieve economic independence. The Houston chapter is one of the largest and needed a better solution to run the day-to-day operations. We designed and built a custom CMS that allows staff members to manage scheduling, clients, volunteers and reporting.

FitProNow is a scheduling app designed for fitness and wellness professionals and their clients. With FPN, both parties save time by easily booking and managing sessions through the app. Our new process cut down the development time from six months to six weeks and the client was able to use a functional prototype before the final release.

The Gnomad app brings an interactive experience to rideshare vehicles and retail shoppers. The platform provides viewers a unique experience by delivering curated content from geo-targeted businesses.

Hoopla is a powerful event planning app that helps you create, plan, track, and keep your events (and guests) organized. We distilled event planning to it’s core and solved common frustrations for hosts and guests of any event.

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