Combining our skills to create custom solutions

The best solutions start with close working relationships with our partners.

Product Strategy and Design

Making your own product idea a reality
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Our strategy and design experts will partner with you to bring your idea to life. We will help guide you through the product development lifecycle to initial launch and beyond. The journey begins by working with you to understand your long-term vision. Next, we put together a strategic plan of how to achieve your vision while validating the product along the way. After initial launch, our team will analyze user behavior to learn and iterate and continuously improve your product.

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Camden, EncourageX, NRG, kalleo, Ncrowd, BrainCheck

Technology and Engineering

Solving your specific technology challenge
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Technology is everywhere, but how can you use it to solve real problems? Our team of experts takes an in-depth look at your business to plan how we can best leverage modern technology to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. Our design, development, and operations teams will quickly build a rock-solid solution that can increase efficiency, reduce manual labor, speak to your audiences, and drive successful business results.

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Brand and Marketing Strategy and Design

Telling your brand story to the market
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Your brand is how the world sees you - and you need to tell a compelling story. Our process begins with a strategy session to understand your business, your customers, and where you would like to grow, followed by in-depth market research. With this knowledge in hand, we will collaborate with you to design a brand mark and supporting collateral. Lastly, we will build a comprehensive marketing strategy and program that will speak to the right audiences and grow your customer base.

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The Cole Group, Children's Museum of Houston

Digital Transformation

Leveraging technology to create meaningful change in your business
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Your company may be functioning well, but if you are using outdated, legacy tools to run the business, the company isn’t operating as efficiently as it could. The Poetic team will sit down with you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current business and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. We will develop a technology roadmap for your digital transformation and leverage technology helping you create meaningful change within your organization.

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Universal Plant Services

Managed Services

Scaling your I/T infrastructure
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You need additional I/T resources to keep your business functioning and a partner with the expertise to help. Poetic® Managed Services can help you scale your I/T infrastructure as your business grows with website hosting, support, and migration. We offer predictable costs, outstanding expertise, and access to the latest technologies. The Poetic team will help you successfully manage and grow your I/T infrastructure, improving company operations and your prospects for long-term success.

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Houston Food Bank, Asset Living, Lemonade Day

Innovation as a Service

Finding new revenue streams through innovation
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Your business may not be growing as it once was and you’re looking to develop new revenue streams in order to maintain or grow into a position of market leadership. Our business intelligence experts will review your lines of business, analyze the market – including your competition – and explore new revenue opportunities aligned with your business priorities. Poetic will work with you to define the projects, determine which new projects are viable and take the idea from prototyping through market test to final development and integration within your organization. Poetic acts as your innovation team bringing a valuable independent perspective to the process.

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Chirp, NRG

Data Science and Insights

Using your company’s data to make better decisions.
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You know that data is vital to understanding and successfully running your business and you need greater visibility to your most valuable resource -- your core business data. From sales and marketing analytics to product quality to call center customer experience metrics, you need help uncovering and analyzing the information that will help your business thrive. Poetic analysts will work with you to gather data then will prepare an in-depth analysis, run analytical algorithms and provide the findings and business insights to help your company succeed. You’ll receive data models that illustrate key business trends in reports, dashboards or tools that can be integrated into operational systems such as financial or call center applications. By analyzing key data patterns within your business, Poetic can use predictive modeling to help you make better business decisions, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and identify new market opportunities.

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Camden, AMLI, Greater Houston Partnership

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing digital resources to reach your customers
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You know that one of the most effective ways to reach your current and potential customers is using digital tools and resources. From creative design and media selection to reporting tools and a metrics dashboard, the Poetic team will provide the resources, creativity and follow-through to achieve a successful digital marketing campaign. These campaigns will be an ongoing process, determining customer preferences, continually working together to optimize campaign results. The team will plan, design, launch and manage your campaign, tapping into the latest techniques in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and affiliate marketing, to reach your target audiences, bringing them through the sales funnel to acquisition.

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Caldwell Companies, DHI, Thrive CRM