Case Study

The Challenge

Camden wanted to break out of the “industry standard” and create a user-centric website that helps people find the perfect home as quickly as possible and improve the number of online conversions by using real-time data to create the best path for each user.

After Six Months

Reduced Bounce Rate


Increased Session Duration


Increased Page Views


Increased Conversions from Social

Pain Points


User Experience


Service: Product Strategy and Design

Skills + Technology


UI/UX Design

Web Development

Data Warehouse

Power BI



Google Analytics

Smart Search

The search feature helps users quickly narrow down the most affordable options and see the most current results for which units will be available during their preferred move-in dates.

Card-Based Layout

Poetic used card-based layouts as a central UX element. These easily-digestible cards are packed with valuable information, and are the optimal choice for organizing large amounts of content.

Camden Website
Camden Mobile Site

The Camden Story

If you have ever been curious about how many tabs your browser can handle before crashing, the answer has likely come while searching for a new place to live.

People purposefully overload themselves with information during this time: What features does the apartment have? Do they allow pets? What’s the floorplan? What restaurants is this community next to? What schools will our kids go to? Does it have a better kitchen than an apartment at the other place? Is there a dog park nearby?

With all these tabs and information, users need to quickly browse, filter, and sort through their options. On Camden’s previous website, people could not quickly find and filter the information they needed.

Camden sought to reinvigorate their online presence and better serve their customers. The company knew they wanted to break out from the world of templates and limited functionality. Camden embarked on a nationwide search for a partner that would be innovative in delivering the future of online leasing for their customers—and setting the standard for the industry. In the end, the company didn’t have to go far from their worldwide headquarters: Poetic’s main office is located a few miles up the road.

Camden and Poetic delved into terabytes of data and hours of user and stakeholder interviews. This analysis uncovered numerous areas for improvement. At the Camden Contact Center each call responder spent 30 minutes a day troubleshooting the website and answering questions such as, “What’s the pet and parking policy?” The site did not prioritize this information for users at all.

They knew they wanted to break out from the world of templates and limited functionality.

Visits to Camden properties were made to better understand the lease process and experience. We also were able to get a feel for the Camden brand and personality on site and how that might translate online. In its previous incarnation, multiple steps slowed down the shopping process for potential residents and the site didn’t load properly on mobile devices.

By reviewing analytics and conducting user interviews, Poetic discovered that visitors were looking for visual elements, but Camden’s site was largely comprised of text that did not capture their attention or provide the visual details they required. Poetic aimed to make sense of this mountain of data by transforming the analysis into more than 50 user stories.

These stories helped humanize the metrics and tell the narrative of Camden’s new design. As Poetic and Camden created design solutions for each story, they developed a clear understanding of the features most important for a seamless user experience.

Six months after re-launching, Camden noticed massive improvements in performance and usability.

A new, colorful palette now welcomes visitors to the Camden website. The card-based layout system is designed with mobile screens in mind and has resulted in sales funnels to the main Camden portal and individual properties becoming more efficient. With data-backed research and A/B tested user experiences, Poetic has reduced the bounce rates of visitors by 59.5 percent. And with more leases now originating from online visitors, Camden and Poetic completed one part of a multi-phased digital transformation. While the work continues for the two companies, so do the successful results.