Case Study

The Challenge

Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) wanted to re-imagine its online identity to increase new membership and future-proof its digital assets. GHP sought to improve its user experience and engagement while gaining greater control over content sharing and member management.

After Eight Months

Increase in
New Members


Increase in
Website Traffic


Increase in New
Member Revenue


Increase in Traffic from Social Media

Pain Points

Outdated website design

Limited content control

Legacy systems that lacked flexibility and adaptability for the future

UI/UX Bottlenecks

Limited data functionality

Service: Digital Transformation

Skills + Technology


UI/UX Design

Web Development

Hosting + Support

Infrastructure Architecture

Database Management


Technology roadmap that prioritized user experience and ensured alignment with current and long-term goals

Competitive analysis of over 80 global chambers and business partnerships, incorporating stakeholder interviews to identify goals, pain points, and needs

A modern web application that best utilized existing software and accommodated future development

Created flexible content sharing options that empowered GHP to expand its reach through quick distribution

Simplified membership process and increased engagement through the creation of a member portal

Greater Houston Partnership Website
Houston Food Bank
Greater Houston Partnership Mobile

The Greater Houston Partnership Story

What does it take to be a competitive global city? Economic growth and opportunity is not something that is guaranteed or easily acquired — and with steep competition, it’s the innovative and the determined who will lead the way.

Since 1840, the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) has contributed greatly to establishing the region as the premier place to live, work, and build a business. Serving over 1,100 member companies in the 12-county Houston region, GHP’s forward-thinking approach continues to ensure Houston’s success as one of the great global commerce hubs.
In 2018, GHP envisioned a new digital strategy to increase productivity and better satisfy member needs. The Partnership desired new processes that would eliminate the need for third-party assistance and would empower its teams to continue the platform’s expansion well into the future.

To meet and achieve its goals, GHP partnered with Poetic to comprehensively assess current systems and identify specific technologies that would enhance and future-proof GHP methodologies. Poetic worked closely with GHP stakeholders to develop a tailored technology roadmap, diligently considering the GHP budget, infrastructure, and timeline. By getting to know and understand GHP, Poetic was able to identify possible roadblocks, recommend seamless integrations, and provide options that allowed autonomy.

Greater Houston Partnership Annual Meeting
website traffic increased by 61%, with social media initiatives more than doubling website traffic.

The first step in the multi-phased plan was addressing the Partnership’s website, Through a combination of website analytics, market research, competitor analysis, and user interviews, Poetic was able to identify the specific user goals, needs, and pain points of GHP’s diverse audiences. The personalized strategy included flexible content sharing options for the GHP staff, efficient portals that streamlined the GHP member experience, and a modern build of the existing software. Poetic used efficient and cost-effective problem solving, making sure that the solutions implemented met the Partnership’s immediate needs and also sustained its mission and long-term goals.

Within eight months of launching the updated website, GHP saw a 47% increase in new memberships and an 11% increase in revenue from membership renewals. Its website traffic increased by 61%, with social media initiatives more than doubling website traffic. The organization is now empowered with tools to better distribute content and engage with its members — who, in turn, enjoy an improved online experience. The overhaul was so successful, the American Marketing Association recognized the website as the 2018 Most Improved Website.

The success of is not only important for GHP but the city of Houston. The site gives many visitors their first online impression of the city, serving as a gateway for the world to learn about Houston as both a global economic engine and a diverse place to live and work. It’s the city’s flagship platform that sells the region to companies looking to expand or relocate, while also increasing engagement within the region’s business community.

The transformation of serves as the first milestone and accomplishment in a sustained long-term partnership between GHP and Poetic. As GHP continues to grow, Poetic continues to work behind the scenes to ensure and the GHP digital presence remain effective tools to promote this great city.